Whispering Again

The Whisper X350 has a low, wide stance and is available as a quick build kit for $49,500. Options include tricycle gear, BRS parachute, dual controls instead of center stick and even more fuel capacity. It’s designed for 160 – 200 hp.

Delbert Sinor of Ozark Mountain Aviation gave us the latest on the Whisper, a 2-place side-by-side kit from South Africa. Sinor offers a builder assist center for Whisper builders.

The big news is he now has the demonstrator aircraft cleared for flights, so prospective customers can try the plane for themselves after Air Venture. Only a tight fit in the display area is keeping Sinor from offering rides at Air Venture. He reports putting 54 hours on the plane so far.

Room is the Whisper’s calling card. The cockpit is immense and accessed via an up-and-back bubble canopy.

Mechanically the changes from last year are a revised and simplified fuel system. It uses a main and header tank arrangement with no less than 63 gallons capacity. Given the thrifty O-320 power tuned for 160 hp, that should allow fueling on Sunday and flying all week.

Sinor reports he has two kits on hand for immediate sale and can be reached at [email protected] or (415) 849-2067.


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