Zenith STOL for Microsoft FlightSim

Still from the official trailer video.

Microsoft Flight Simulator fans will have a new toy for Christmas this year. SimWorksStudios is set to release the Zenith STOL CH701 model featuring realistic scenery and details such as smashed bugs on the cowling and leading edges and working circuit breakers.

So when you can’t be in the shop pulling rivets or flying your real 701, you can fire up the computer and do some virtual bug smashing.


Review video by Simulated Aviation:


  1. I believe Chris worked on the Concorde. When Chris Heintz took his first kit to Oshkosh to build during the show, I drove his wife and children to Oshkosh. Part of that kit was on the roof of his station wagon and the remaining parts on a trailer towed behind. After four hours we arrived at the border and were turned away because the family did not have the correct paperwork. Back to Toronto again. Obtained the correct papers and went back to Detroit again. The border guards at the American side checked the paperwork and promptly waved us on our way to Oshkosh – the chief border guard remembered us and because he was very sympathetic, we cleared inspection immediately. Another homebuilder in Toronto (Jim Sim) gave Chris his garage if we (a group of supportive homebuilders) would take it down and move it to his residence. Much of the garage was transported on an antique trailer towed by my mint condition 1951 Pontiac car. I had a flight in his prototype CH200 and the visibility was fabulous., Gerry Boudreau was of great assistance to Chris in the establishment of his business. I do recall telling Chris shortly after he arrived in Canada, that of all the designers I had met he was the most likely to succeed because he not only worked very hard, but was willing to write off a lot of his time to his love of aviation- while others would be too anxious to make money -as much as possible- as soon as possible. A rare man.


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