AeroConversions Introduces AeroInjector


This just in from AeroConversions:

“Sonex Aircraft, LLC is pleased to announce another new enhancement to the popular AeroConversions AeroCarb product line with the introduction of the lighter and more compact AeroInjector! Saving approximately 9 ounces and several cubic inches of engine compartment space vs. the AeroCarb, the new AeroInjector is being introduced first in the popular 32mm and 35mm sizes, and have become standard equipment on all new AeroVee Engine Kits.

‘We’ve named the new product AeroInjector to drive-home the point that this device is a throttle body injector and not a carburetor by true definition,’ explains Sonex Aircraft, LLC General Manager and CEO Jeremy Monnett. ‘The AeroCarb/AeroInjector TBI design has many benefits over traditional carburetor designs including simplicity, superior economy, and the elimination of a need for carb heat. The AeroCarb was already the lightest and simplest fuel injection device available in the aviation market. The AeroInjector is a lighter and more compact version of the AeroCarb weighing 9 ounces less.’ Utilizing what hydraulic and pneumatic engineers call the ‘perfect flow passage’ the AeroCarb and new AeroInjector achieve outstanding performance versatility. AeroCarb/AeroInjector body parts are precision machined from solid 6061 aluminum billets. The AeroCarb/AeroInjector has only two moving parts with no float bowls or secondary jets to complicate things. A fine adjustment fuel metering needle provides clean burning, smooth running, outstanding response and fuel economy.

Available spigot or flange mounts easily adapt to popular aircraft and auto conversion engines. Combined with AeroConversions throttle quadrants, the AeroInjector provides an outstanding, simple, high performance fuel-delivery system for sport-aircraft engines ranging between 30 and 160 hp. AeroConversions customers can select the AeroCarb/AeroInjector, mounts and accessories best-suited for their installation and place their order online with the easy-to-use AeroCarb/AeroInjector Selection Wizard, available at AeroConversions.


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