A Blazin’ Paint Job

Brian Eldridge and Hua Mei Feng.

Brian Eldridge first flew his newly completed RV-8 just last February. His arrival today at AirVenture was, to say the least, colorful. Not only did the Frontier Airlines A-320 Captain fight a more than sporty crosswind to plant the main gear on the green square of runway 36, he taxied to Homebuilt Parking in possibly the brightest painted aircraft in the Oshkosh, Wisconsin zip code. That is saying a lot this week.

Incredibly, the paint job was designed after the special order American Design prop was delivered. They liked the prop paint so much, they instructed the painter, John Stahr, to make the airplane match the prop. Regrettably, the awards committee has informed Brian that he will be ineligible for the “most subtle paint job” award this year.

Brian and his wife, Hua Mei Feng, enjoyed a wonderful trip from their home base in Henderson, Nevada (near Las Vegas), crossing the Rockies near Breckinridge and Aspen and then the Mississippi River on their way to Oshkosh. They will stay at the show until Thursday.


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