Advanced Flight Adds Synthetic Vision to AF-4500 EFIS


Advanced Flight Systems has added synthetic vision as a standard feature to its AF-4500 EFIS system, and it will be available as an upgrade option for all existing customers. Pricing for the upgrades will be available in mid-May. Rob Hickman, president of Advanced Flight Systems, noted that the synthetic vision capability took about a year to develop, and will be flown on the company RV-10 in about four weeks. The proprietary processor uses 3D graphics to display terrain, towers and other obstacles, along with finer airport details such as runway numbers, as you get closer to the touchdown area. The SV software will work anywhere in North America.Hickman also unveiled full-size geo-referenced IFR approach plates for the AF-3500 and AF-4500, which display your plane and other traffic right on the plates, and are available now. Users can update the plates every 28 days on Advanced Flight Systems web site. Monthly subscriptions are available by region or for the whole country; a yearlong subscription for the United States is $399. Prices start at $4024 for the 6.5-inch-diagonal AF-3500 EFIS. The 8.4-inch AF-4500 EFIS starts at $5947.For more information, visit Advanced Flight Systems.


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