Aero Sport Power Celebrates Delivery of 2100 Engines for Sport and Experimental Aircraft


Dwain Harris who is building a Harmon Rocket purchased Aero Sport Power’s 2,100th engine. The 2,101st engine was assembled for CubCrafters.

Dwain Harris (L) Harmon Rocket builder and Rob Horvath, Master Engine Builder with the 2,100th engine assembled by Aero Sport Power.
Dwain Harris (L) Harmon Rocket builder and Rob Horvath, Master Engine Builder with the 2,100th engine assembled by Aero Sport Power.

Rob Wharf, Owner/President and Todd Collins, Owner/CEO/CFO of Aero Sport Power Ltd., (Sun ‘n Fun booth #NE-003), announced that the company has completed and delivered its 2,100th and 2,001st experimental engines. The company assembled its first engine for the kit-built/experimental market in 2000.

The milestone engine was an IO-540-C4B5, which was assembled especially for Dwain Harris who will install it on his new Harmon Rocket. Harris attended Aero Sport Power’s Engine Build School in Kamloops, BC where he was able to work closely with Rob Horvath, who is one of Aero Sport Power’s Master Engine Builders during the assembly and testing of his new engine.

“Thank you for doing an exceptional job on my engine and making me feel so welcomed by your team,” Harris said. “You have a great bunch of guys and I am so grateful that you put Rob Horvath on my engine build. He is the best!”

“We are so extremely proud that Dwain chose Aero Sport Power to build his new engine,” Wharf said. “Rob is one of Aero Sport Power/Progressive Air Group’s Master Engine Builders and brings over 15 years of experience building both experimental and certified engines. His vast experience building high-quality engines, as well as his patient and friendly attitude is the perfect fit for our build school clients like Dwain.”

Wharf also said that along the with significant number of engines the company assembles for individual customers around the world, Aero Sport Power also assembles and ships a variety of engine types to leading kit aircraft manufacturers, including CubCrafters, Vans Aircraft and Velocity Aircraft.

In fact, shortly after the 2,100th engine was shipped to Mr. Harris, the company completed its 2,101st engine, which was a CC340 that was shipped to CubCrafters.

“The milestone 2,101st engine was assembled by Darren Jones, another of our Master Engine Builders,” Wharf said. “Darren has been with us for over nine years now and is the point person for the majority of our engines being built for new Carbon Cub EX kits.”

“We at CubCrafters have relied on Aero Sport Power as an engine resource in some capacity for 10-years,” stated CubCrafters’ President, Randy Lervold. “In that time we have come to appreciate their sound technical knowledge, the consistently high quality of their engines, and the ongoing support we rely on.”

“Overall we find them always easy and enjoyable to work with,” he said. “I would not hesitate to recommend Aero Sport Power to anyone for repairs, rebuilds or to purchase a new engine.”

“Both Darren and Rob have extensive backgrounds in the building of high-performance automotive engines,” he added. “Their considerable experience with these engines has proven to be a huge benefit when it comes to building aircraft engines that deliver exceptional performance and reliability.”

Aero Sport Power offers an array of stock kit engines from Lycoming, Superior Air Parts and Continental. The company also recently introduced its first “branded engine,” the 200-horsepower Wildcat, which is based on the popular Superior Air Parts’ XP-382 engine.

“Whether an aircraft builder wants a fully-customized, aerobatic-ready engine or is looking for the best value in a ‘stock’ engine for their homebuilt airplane or helicopter, our master engine builders are committed to delivering the absolute best product every time,” Wharf said. “We’re confident in saying that no other independent shop has built and delivered more engines for the experimental/homebuilt aircraft market than Aero Sport Power.”


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