Aussie Outback SLSA to Debut at AirVenture


There’s now another Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) distributor and training provider in the West. Airgyro Aviation, located in Spanish Fork, Utah, is the exclusive sales outlet for Higher Class Aviations Sport Hornet and the new Outback SP 2000 from Australias Light Wing. Airgyro also distributes the Sportcopter 2 gyroplane, certified last year.

The new Outback SP 2000 will make its first appearance at AirVenture, and all three designs will be on display at Booths 37 and 38. Says Airgyro President Nate Oldham, Our primary focus at Airgyro Aviation is to bring the fun and affordability of sport aviation to a generation who may have thought recreational flying was simply out of reach. Our aircraft are chosen for their ease of flying and their safety features. Our flight training is personalized to meet the customers schedule or accelerated to help folks become certified [Sport] pilots in as little as 15 days.

Described as an LSA trainer and starter plane, the two-place Outback is one of the safest planes to train in, Airgyro says, using modern composites, like many other new aircraft, to create the aerodynamic shape. But under the composite is a steel airframe complete with a roll cage. The Outback also features a lightweight rotary engine, which offers less vibration and easier maintenance, the company says.

For more information, visit Airgyro Aviation.

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Mary Bernard
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