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Larry is a humble Van’s RV-7A builder and a PPSEL pilot for 14 years. His goal is finishing his pride and joy, Lucy, and helping others with their projects.

Nitrile Gloves

If you're like me, you work on lots of things other than airplanes, and it seems like all of them are dirty. From...

Thin-Wall Close-Quarters Sockets

Don't you hate it when the nut is so close to a rivet or part, there's just no way to get a socket...

Rivet Buster Chisel

This "rivet buster" chisel was made from an old butterfly wood drill bit.Recently I made an error and needed to drill several AN470AD4...


As builders, we often have a pile of parts to turn into something resembling a flying machine. The pile often contains dozens of similar,...

Dimple Tokens

Sooner or later a part will need to be countersunk for a dimple. Fast metal airplanes have tons of them. The problem is...

Priming Tubes

Sometimes the bear gets you. Sometimes you get the bear. Today, I got the bear.Almost every airplane has a tube or weldment, and often...

Back Riveting Universal Rivets

We've all had one of those parts to rivet. The squeezer won't fit, so it has to be the gun and bar, but...

Right-Angle Deburring Tool

Most of us have a threaded drill kit. Mine has an assortment of common bits like #40, 1/8 inch, etc. It also has a...

Non-Marring Fluting Pliers

Are your fluting pliers leaving scratches in the aluminum? Here's an easy and quick fix. Cut three pieces of shrink-wrap. Place one on each...

Organizing Rivets

We all have the same problem: Organization eludes us. It can be a nightmare when we start driving rivets. Sometimes you have several sizes...

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What’s New

Bogert Aviation introduces quick-drain oil valve probe, CubCrafters improves 2013 Carbon Cub SS, and MGL integrates Sandia Mode-C Transponder with its EFISes.


Rare is the occasion when you make a part in the home shop without some sort of layout work.

The Creative Homebuilder

Make your own air-flow speed control.