Thin-Wall Close-Quarters Sockets


Don’t you hate it when the nut is so close to a rivet or part, there’s just no way to get a socket or wrench on it? Today was one of those days, and I was determined to beat that bear. A thin-wall socket would be perfect, but who wants to grind up an expensive Snap-on or Craftsman socket?

So, where to find a cheapo socket… Harbor Freight? Yeah, but it’s too far away. Same for all the big-box stores. Besides, there’s just something horribly wrong with grinding up a $5 socket.

On the way to the third store, I had an idea: a thrift store! I walked out with a half dozen inexpensive sockets for 50 cents—with an endless supply available! Five minutes of grinding, and I had a thin-wall socket for 10-32 nuts. Yay!

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