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Larry Larson
Larry is a humble Van’s RV-7A builder and a PPSEL pilot for 14 years. His goal is finishing his pride and joy, Lucy, and helping others with their projects.

Organizing Rivets

We all have the same problem: Organization eludes us. It can be a nightmare when we start driving rivets. Sometimes you have several sizes...

Temporary Downdraft Paint Booth

The complete assembled paint booth. The 90-degree dryer vent connects to the board that goes under the garage door.It gets cold in the...

Eliminating Egg-Shaped Holes

Quarter-inch pilot bits in hole saws have a tendency to enlarge the pilot hole as they cut. The result is an egg-shaped hole because...

Riveting Aileron Skins

I was assembling the ailerons for my RV-7A and reached a point where I needed to rivet the leading and trailing edge skins to...

In Case You Missed it

Build Your Skills: Fabric

Finishing tapes not only strengthen areas that need reinforcement, but they also cover unsightly screws, rivets and rib-lacing cord. This month we cover the types of tapes available, where they should be applied and how to apply them; by Ron Alexander.

The Creative Homebuilder

Buckin' where the sun don't shine.

Phase Shift

A new form of Phase I testing is available.

Ten Degrees of Presentation

The call came. At the other end was Kevin King, the owner of the...