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Pumping avgas and waxing flight school airplanes got Tom into general aviation in 1973, but the lure of racing cars and motorcycles sent him down a motor journalism career heavy on engines and racing. Today he still writes for peanuts and flies for fun.

Pitts 70th at Air Venture

Long before there were kits, composites or even much in the way of plans there was Curtis Pitts. Marshalling the best of Greatest Generation...

Pigeon-Toeing a Hummelbird

Although running past to another event, we couldn't resist a flirting look at Pete Zutrauen's impossibly small, low and high-visibility Hummelbird. The VW-powered, all-metal...

Bright Idea

Our old eyes lit up when we saw Scangrip's (scangripusa.com) range of bright, daylight color-matched work lights in the AirVenture vendor's hangar A. The I-VIEW...

Tail Dragging C-150

Okay, it isn't an experimental, but the spirit is there, and with an infusion of horsepower Ken and Lorraine Morris' Cessna 150 tailwheel conversion...

Rotax 915iS Announced

Rotax just caused a stir in the AirVenture media center with the announcement of the turbocharged 915is. Essentially a turbo version of the popular...

$24,900 Diesel Announced by Superior, Legend Cub

General aviation engines too stagnant for you? Superior Air Parts has an affordable cure coming in their just announced Gemini diesel at $24,900. First...

Progress Report: Engineered Power Solutions

Dedicated engine enthusiasts will recall Engineered Propulsion Systems (www.eps.aero) has been developing a high-performance 8-cylinder diesel specifically for general aviation. We first reported on...

Air Venture: Arriving Early

Hectic just-in-time arrivals are a journalist's way of life, but for once we arrived days early. Thanks to other, pre-Air Venture duties requiring heavy...

Seen at The Mojave Experimental Fly-In

Aviation speed dating on the Mojave ramp While there's much more to it, the core attraction of the Mojave Experimental Fly-In is the four-hour meet-and-greet...

Postcards From Mojave – Wish You Were Here!

Clear blue sky and beautiful airplanes. This is just a sampling of what we've seen at the Mojave Experimental Fly-In on Saturday.

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Engine Update

Lycoming makes a push into the Light Sport Aircraft market with its new O-233 engine. Though similar in appearance to the venerable O-235, it’s an entirely new design poised to take on some heavy competition. By Marc Cook.

Engine Beat

Vacuum systems may be an imperfect way to power instruments, but careful monitoring and maintenance can forestall common issues. By Steve Ells.