Camera Mounts


Action cams are pretty popular, and I picked up a small HD one (a favorite of RC helicopter groups) for some flight videos. I fabricated several mounts for my RV-4 that should work for a variety of aircraft. They are made from 3/4-inch wide x 1/8-inch thick strap aluminum and 1-3/4-inch suction cups that I found online. Besides the suction cups, the straps have a slight clamping action to help keep the mount tightly attached to the plane. A couple of rivets hold the straps together, and foam and felt strips were added to prevent scratching. The mounts work great, and you can’t beat the price—about $7 each.

The view from the action cam mounted on the tail of the author’s RV-4.

This mount attaches to the vertical stabilizer and is held in place with suction cups.

The camera attaches to the mounting bolt near the top of the vertical stabilizer mount.

Two rivets fasten the wing mount’s aluminum strips together. Felt strips prevent scratching.

The wing mount is typically positioned near the left wingtip. The camera attaches to the bolt on the inboard side of the mount.


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