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No parts left—let’s fly!

Turbine Temptation: Into the Air

No parts left—let’s fly!

Arctic Flight

A journey to Northern Canada’s Barren Lands.
Van's RV-6

Buying Used: Van’s RV-6

What to look for when shopping for the world’s most popular Experimental.

Building Unusual

Westfall Special past and present.

Big Screen EFIS

How you choose might depend on panel space and your control set preference—but the choices are extensive!
Subsonex paint

Turbine Temptation: Adding Some Color

John Stahr performs airbrush magic on the jet.

Homebuilt Accidents: Fire!

Quite possibly, your eyes glazed over‭ ‬a bit when you saw the title of this‭ ‬article‭. ‬Quite possibly‭, ‬you’re poised to skim forward a few pages and give this article a pass‭.‬ I wouldn’t blame you‭.‬ Aircraft fires‮—‬both after an accident‭ ‬and‭, ‬especially‭, ‬in flight‮—‬have never‭ ‬been pilots’‭ ‬favorite topics‭. ‬It was especially feared in […]

Turbine Temptation: Final Integration and Testing

It looks almost finished, but there’s still much to do before the jet is ready to fly.

Transponder Buyer’s Guide

Reliable transponder performance is critical in the ADS-B environment.

A Wooden Kneeboard for Tablets

While I owned my‭ ‬Fisher FP-404‭ ‬‭(‬“Restoring a Stored Homebuilt‭,‬”‭ ‬February 2017‭), ‬I was using an Android smartphone running the free Avare navigation app for what limited cross-country flying I‭ ‬did with that plane‭. ‬As it was a wooden‭ ‬plane‭, ‬a homemade wooden holder for‭ ‬the smartphone seemed more in keeping with the wood structure […]

In Case You Missed it

Wind Tunnel

Spring systems.


Builders share their successes.

Risky Business

Checklists-giving the madness method. By Sid Mayeux.

Pole to Pole!

Around the world over both poles (part 2).