Star Bird!

Luxury and efficiency join elegantly in this unique blend of twin engines and canard airframe.

Easy Slider: Part 1

Building a one-piece fiberglass canopy skirt and windshield fairing isn’t as tough as it seems.

uAvionix AV-30 Adds Capabilities

Now with traffic and Wi-Fi!

The Tale of the Tundra

The difficult truth of being an early adopter.

Small-bottle O2: Aithre, Aerox Compacts

Personal-sized oxygen bottles save space and weight, while serving as belt-and-suspender backup. But go bigger if you use O2 regularly.

What Shape is Your Documentation In?

How to fix it from the beginning.

The Great Spacer Caper

Retrofitting polyurethane spacers to the main gear of a Zenith STOL CH 701.

Ryan ST Reimagined

Timber Tiger Aircraft’s ST-L brings modern technology to a classic design.

Buying Used: Zenith STOL CH 701

For 35 years, the “Sky Jeep” has soldiered on.

In Case You Missed it

Kit Stuff

Drawing on experience; by cartoonist Robrucha.

Aero ‘lectrics

Jim Weirs lifetimes worth of tinkering has produced a definitive list of electronics parts suppliers, and hes willing to share.

The $250 Smoke System

Why buy a commercial system when its easy to roll your own?

Aero ‘lectrics

Jim Weir delves into the world of barrier strips, wire markers, resettable fuses, nylon connector usage, dyeing and inrush current limiters.