Roll Your Own

Builders Ken Scott and Ken Kruegers unique project is off the drawing board and into production. They're working with the engine builder, the wing is behind them, the nosebowl is taking shape-and the fuselage is taking over the living room;

Restoring a Stored Homebuilt

Expect the unexpected.

Ask the DAR

Combining parts from multiple kits, N-numbers, using an amphibian for land-only training.

Paul’s House

A very special part of EAA history…and an unforgettable tour.

How the Pros Do It

Jim Kimball Enterprises—Building the better biplane.

The Scratch-Building Alternative

Mark Townsend’s scratch-building seminar allows builders to come away with the hands-on experience and the confidence they’ll need to start building a kit aircraft such as the Zenith STOL CH 701 from plans.

The Airfoil Adventures of Harry Riblett

Finishing the work NACA started.

How the Pros Do It

Ripley Air—small shop with clever ideas.

Buying a Used Homebuilt: Budget, Mission, and Skill

Be sure to consider budget, mission, experience, insurance, and training.

Two Flash or Not Two Flash

Building a double-flash LED strobe system.

In Case You Missed it


Alternative engines.

The Ultimate Upgrade

Veteran pilots and kit builders, Wendell and Martha Solesbee make the reasoned decision to embark on a Lancair Evo build—the ultimate upgrade to their already-impressive homebuilt fleet.

Wind Tunnel

It’s all about lift, and knowing your airplane’s lift margin at a given airspeed tells you what the airplane is capable of.

Metal Magic

So you want to get into metal shaping?