Dual Time

Its a stool! Its a set of chocks! Its both. Chuck Deiterich shows you how to craft one with PVC pipe, plywood and some hardware.

Building the Bearhawk LSA

The endless tail.

Jet Eze

Turning a dream into reality, part 2.

Simplified One-Off Electronic Projects

As homebuilders, we are accustomed to doing a lot of preliminary and/or tooling work to build a couple of pieces for our aircraft. Tom Kuffel created an auxiliary fuel transfer pump controller for his GlaStar Sportsman for next to nothing, a real savings over the retail price of $300, and he describes how he did it.

The Independence Project: We Start the Finish Kit

The Independence Project presses on, this time tackling the multiple tasks that make up the finish kit on the RV-12. By Dave Martin.

Ask the DAR

Changing aircraft model type and how DARs set operating limitations.

Oshkoshs Homebuilt Parking Crew

Bringing you safely to final stop…and off again.

Build Your Skill: Composites, Part 5

In this series installment, author Bob Fritz takes you through the basics of building a carbon fiber tank, including measuring, layout, patterns, cutting, epoxy-flox application, sanding, sawing, epoxying and finish work.

Whats in your POH?

You write the book, so make it worth reading. By Glen Salmon.

Engine Theory

Getting Practical-What can you do for a better engine?

In Case You Missed it

Editor’s Log

The same plane twice…


Who Can Do the Work?In the January 2014 issue, Amy Laboda does a nice...


Editor-at-Large Marc Cook takes a look at Rotax’s first foray into fuel-injected engines: the 912iS.

Ask the DAR

DAR Mel Asberry continues his discussion of operating limitations and Phase I flight-test requirements.