Building Unusual

Westfall Special past and present.

Fabulous Fabric

The top six secrets to a show-quality fabric covering.


Dakota Hawk, RV-7A, Excalibur.

Straight and Narrow

Wheel alignment 101.

Ready to Build?

You can begin your aircraft project right now—before even deciding on a kit. Here are 10 ways to get ready to build.

Take a Ride In a Thorp T-18

Join Phil Mandel for a walkaround description and a brief flight in his Thorp T-18 homebuilt, one of the most affordable high-performance homebuilts on...

Headlong For Headers

Tom Wilson, an avowed hot rodder, details his foray into the world of custom exhausts and the performance gains found on his Lycoming IO-540.

Tooling Up!

Beginner's guide to aircraft tools and tool suppliers.

Pole to Pole!

Around the world over both poles (part 2).

Split Decision

Building a vertical-split cowl for an RV-7A.

In Case You Missed it

Buzz Words: Understanding Dihedral Effect

While certified airplanes have to meet Part 23 requirements for positive dihedral, amateur-built airplanes are exempt. Ed Kolano looks into the details of dihedral, and how you can use it to your airborne advantage.

Electric Dreams

Pipistrel’s gift to general aviation.


Material MattersBob Hadley wrote an excellent article that clears up what all those...

Switch Blade

Weighing just 11 pounds for a hub and three blades, the new carbon-fiber prop from Whirl Wind Propellers improves the performance in both climb and cruise on a RANS S-7.