Homebuilt Accidents-Comparing the Rates

A true head-to-head comparison with production aircraft is difficult to achieve.


Builders share their successes.

Builder Survey: Wilderness Calling

Lucky 13: RANS S-7 Coyote builders tell KITPLANES about their building, company support and flying experiences. By Mary Bernard.

Engine Failure!

Are you prepared?

Becoming a Test Pilot

Lessons learned from a Lancair Super Legacy and Dick Rutan.

Error Chain

Things Ive learned from Experimental aircraft. By David Domeier.

The Dawn Patrol

Dick Starks envisions the perfect vehicle for transporting messengers in the throes of trench warfare-and then he builds one.

Rapid Prototyping and Experimental Design

CNC mold blank fabrication, part 2.

Straight and Narrow

Wheel alignment 101.

Engine Update

Lycoming makes a push into the Light Sport Aircraft market with its new O-233 engine. Though similar in appearance to the venerable O-235, it’s an entirely new design poised to take on some heavy competition. By Marc Cook.