Let Yourself Soar!

Let Yourself Soar! Not all homebuilts have engines. By Frank Paynter.

Get a Grip!

Choices in the stick grip market.

How to Build Your Own Engine (Or Maybe Not)

Adding a rotary engine to a Q2 is easier said than done.


Builders share their successes.

Experimental or Certified

Which one will work for you? By Gary Jones.

How to Use Your Oxygen System

Things to know before you go. By Gary Jones.

Separator or Condenser?

Air-oil separators 101.

The Ins and Outs of Pre-buys

Dont buy a used Experimental aircraft without one (Part 1).

Homebuilt or Store-Bought?

Raising the bar for RV-10 interiors to an entirely different level. By Bruce Eicher.

Building the Bearhawk LSA

Welding the fuselage.

In Case You Missed it

Ask the DAR

Does an A&P have to sign off on an ELT inspection? And can a Sport Pilot fly a Cessna 172?

Cable-Exit Fairings

Don't let unsightly cable-exit holes spoil the look or performance of your aircraft.

Rapid Prototyping and Experimental Design

Scale model structural testing.

Tools for Homebuilders, Part 2

Terry Edwards continues his discussion of some of the less-often covered aspects of airplane building, this month looking at how to manage your project and stay motivated.