Portable Oxygen: Basic Purchase Advice

Oximeters reveal that more of us need oxygen than not.

Ask the DAR

KR-2 as LSA, overweight ultralights, pre-cover inspections.

Ask the DAR

Service bulletin compliance, buying an aircraft with uncompleted flight testing.


We visit Vetterman Exhaust for a behind-the-scenes look at how exhaust systems are made.

What’s in your POH?

You write the book, so make it worth reading. By Glen Salmon.


Viperjet N999VJ is right at home at Chino Airport in Southern California, where L-39s and F-86s are a common sight. Unfortunately they all...

Print Your Own Parts

Using a 3D printer to make an avionics fan shroud.

Back to School

There's always more to learn at the National Test Pilot School (Part 2).

Panels in Days, Not Months

Pre-built panels are an easy way to save time and eliminate frustration during avionics installation. By Bruce Eicher.

Building an Airdrome Aeroplanes Fokker D.VII

Part 3: the lows and highs of Phase One.

In Case You Missed it

Politically Correct Boards

That is what PC means, yes? No. It’s short for printed circuit. And the...

High-Desert Tales

Free fall.

Marvelous Mustangs

Titan adds new engines and a B-style fuselage option to the T-51.

Broken Control Cable

Here’s a throttle control cable that has separated from the housing. It is very...