Kitstuff - Genesis of a project

Kit Stuff: Genesis of a Project

In the beginning was the dream!

Letters: September 2019

Building and Selling Two articles in the June edition really hit home for me: “How Long Will it Take to Build” and “How to Sell...

Kit Stuff: The Grandfather of the UAV

Drawing on experience: The Grandfather of the UAV


In Search of SpeedI read both articles from Dave Forster and was very disappointed that he never even mentioned a Velocity. Even a...

Kit Stuff

Kit Stuff


Adding an O2 Sensor Reinhard Metz's article about adding an AFR gauge and O2 sensor is excellent . I have been wondering why GA airplanes...


Air/Fuel Ratio Display Great article on air/fuel ratio monitoring in the March 2019 issue. Is there a smaller version of the display unit available? Like...

Kit Stuff


Big Brother Is My Copilot I appreciate the sentiments expressed by Tom Wilson in his February 2019 column. Any information transmitted via ADS-B beyond position...

In Case You Missed it

Unbreaking the Bank

Although many more than eight Light Sport Aircraft can be built for less than $40,000, Dave Martin highlights some of the aircraft he has flown and offers personal insights on why they may be the way to go for you.

Leaky Static Lines

Ever wonder why static systems often start to leak after a couple of years?...

What’s New

Zenith offers a reduced price for its STOL CH 701 kit, featuring the 85-hp Jabiru 2200A engine. Dynon offers a rebate for Blue Mountain EFIS owners who trade in for the new SkyView units, as well as special upgrade pricing. Edited by Mary Bernard.

Wind Tunnel

Barnaby Wainfan brings aerodynamics to life with an illustrated field guide to the various devices seen at AirVenture.