South African Group-Built Van’s RV-12

Whilst visiting Oshkosh in 2009, we marveled at Van’s red RV-12. Back in Johannesburg in March 2010, I joined nine aviation enthusiasts in building a project initiated by serial RV builder Rudi Greyling. As an engineer, I was working side by side with auditors and other diverse professionals, gelling into a team, well taken up with what we were achieving. This labor of love was a tremendous learning exercise. We completed the plane in early 2011 by working one full day over weekends every fortnight. Once it was completed, we were left with a feeling of loss—missing the camaraderie only attained by such intense involvement and seeing a fine specimen evolving. It flies like a dream and some of us have already acquired our Sport Pilot licenses and are building hours. Van’s support was excellent, and time will have to be found to take up another challenge. 

Johannesburg, South Africa
[email protected]

Ed Gray’s Lancair 360

The plane was started in 1992, but an airline job and children put it in limbo for 10 years. The next builder passed away, and I took over in 2011. A Superior IO-360 and MT prop do the pulling and two Dynon screens with AP and ADS-B do the navigating. The cruise speed is 220 mph at 10,000 feet, burning 8 gph for incredible economy. The first trip (after Phase I) was nonstop from Dallas to Aspen. 

Dallas, Texas
[email protected]

Allen Sutphin’s Challenger II

I completed my Challenger II LW in nine months. It’s powered by a Rotax 503 DCDI and a Tennessee prop. It flies great except in windy conditions, when it is a handful. Weight came in at 438 pounds empty. Quad City designed a good, solid, safe-flying aircraft.

Diana, West Virginia
[email protected]



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