Randy Schlitter Among Eight Inducted into EAA Hall of Fame

Randy Schlitter

Prolific aircraft designer Randy Schlitter has been inducted into the EAA Homebuilders Hall of Fame, one of eight individuals honored in  Oshkosh on November 9. In addition to Schlitter, the EAA inducted Debby Rihn-Harvey and Bill Kershner to the International Aerobatic Club (IAC) Hall of Fame; Wilson “Connie” Edwards to the Warbirds of America Hall of Fame; Chet Peek to the Vintage Aircraft Association Hall of Fame; and Mike Markowski to the EAA Ultralight Hall of Fame.

Moreover, the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) Hall  of Fame gained two new members, Sportys Pilot Shops founder Hal Shevers and renowned author Wolfgang Langewiesche. Kershner and
Langewiesche were inducted posthumously.

The Homebuilders Hall of Fame members are:

  • Paul Poberezny, S.J. “Steve” Wittman, George Bogardus (inducted 1993);
  • Bernie Pietenpol, Bob Burbick, Ray Stits (1994);
  • Tony Bingelis, Molt Taylor, John Thorp (1995);
  • Sam Burgess, Nick D’Apuzzo, Ed Heath, Volmer Jensen, (1996);
  • Ladislao Pazmany, William Ghan, Harold Best-Devereux (1997);
  • Curtis Pitts, Burt Rutan, Bill Warwick (1998);
  • Henri Mignet, Richard Van Grunsven, Chris Heintz (1999);
  • Jean Delemontez, Leslie Long (2000);
  • John Monnett (2001);
  • Jack Cox, Ken Brock (2002);
  • William Chana (2003);
  • Bob Whittier, Pete Bowers (2004);
  • Robert Bushby (2005);
  • Edgar Lesher, B.J. Schramm (2006).


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