Mary Bernard

As we put this magazine “to bed,” its the beginning of the baseball season, so its fitting to say that our Managing Editor, Mary Bernard, has squared up to the plate, taken a mighty Vladimir Guerrero-like swing, and knocked one out of the park. Her cover story on the reunion of man, machine and family-Mike and Megan Maxwell and their Lancair 235, to be more precise-tells the tale of tenacity and twisting fates. It begins on Page 8.

Susan Brunner

Susan is active in the aviation community at her local airport, so perhaps seeing interesting paint jobs at the field fueled her interest in how they came to be. Or maybe it was her experience of having to come up with a quickie design for the Lancair her husband took seven years to build that got her thinking about better ways to do it. Either way, she offers helpful tips for builders who are in the early stage of designing a paint scheme. Her story begins on Page 24.

LeRoy Cook

Veteran journalist LeRoy Cook spent a weekend last year in beautiful Mexico, Missouri, attending the Zenith-hosted scratch-building school. Creating your own airplane from raw materials isn’t exactly a dying art, but as the market continues to embrace quickbuilds and assistance, scratch-builders are an ever more distinctive breed. Nonetheless, building from plans is one of the great ways to slash the price of construction. His story begins on Page 48.


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