Ron Alexander has been part of the homebuilding scene for decades. He began restoring aircraft in the 1970s but was frustrated by the support structure-or the lack of it. He founded Alexander Aeroplane Company, which was sold to Aircraft Spruce in 1995. Ron also founded the SportAir workshops and has worked closely with Poly-Fiber. To say he knows fabric is an understatement. The second installment of our “Build Your Skills: Fabric” series begins on Page 30.


Sam is an instrument-rated private pilot, flying since 1992, and he has documented the construction of his Vans RV-6 (N399SB), which took place from 1997-99, on his web site, The RV-6 was his third homebuilt aircraft project. He recently acquired a ham radio license to operate an APRS tracker as KJ4CKK. He now runs APRS iGate for the benefit of North Alabama airborne pilots with trackers. His story about building your own APRS tracker begins on Page 43.


You have to know the laconic Rozendaal to appreciate his response to flying the Moose turbine conversion. “Man, that was soooo cool,” he said, his voice crackling over the cell phone at Sun n Fun. Thats high praise, too, from a pilot who has flown a great many high-performance (and turbine) aircraft in his distinguished career, including a long list of hairy-chested warbirds. His flight review of the turbine Moose begins on Page 8.

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