CubCrafters' Duo


CubCrafters has a new pair of Experimental Super Cub-type planes available now. The EX-3 is a traditional build-it-yourself kit and the FX-3 is put together with factory assistance. These models build on the success of the EX-2, which is still available. The new -3 models feature a larger engine and constant speed prop.

CubCrafters FX3
CubCrafters FX3

The engine is the CC363, a power plant based on the Lycoming O-360 parallel valve design but using mostly Superior parts including a counter-weighted crankshaft. The prop is the Hartzell composite Trailblazer, available in either 80 or 83-inch lengths.

The gross weight has been increased to 2000 pounds with an empty weight of 1000-1050 pounds, giving it a useful load boost of about 100 pounds over the EX-2.

The new engine and prop combination boosts cruise speed to 117 knots with standard tires.

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