Chipper arrives at Sun 'n Fun with new updates


Belite Chipper

Belite Enterprises “Chipper” experimental 2-place aircraft arrived at Sun ‘n Fun, and is being shown with numerous upgrades and improvements.  Prominent is a new metal skin feature for the wings, along with a Big Bore 114HP engine performance upgrade from Edge Performance of Norway.

Chipper is now cruising at up to 120 mph with 21″ tundra tires, on a fuel burn of 5.75 GPH.  Cruise speeds are projected to increase with smaller tires and fairings.

Chipper now has an available all metal wing.  This feature reduces drag while increasing longevity and attractiveness of this STOL aircraft.

Chipper is being shown at Sun ‘n Fun with its Big Bore 1484CC upgrade.  The take off and improved cruise performance are extraordinary.

Upgrades and items of note in Chipper:

  • Metalized wing
  • STOL leading edge cuff
  • Long range fuel tanks (47 gallons usable)
  • Improved leg room in interior
  • Interior features new seats & upholstery
  • Refinished cowl
  • New windshield
  • New paint scheme
  • Big bore 114HP upgrade

Complete specifications are available at:

The base Chipper airframe kit is $11,995, and the taildragger finishing kit is $3,995. It is also available in an FAA approved Quick Build configuration. The wings, rear fuselage and cabin are all assembled and shipped to the builder, saving about half of the build time. This new option is priced at $10,995, not including the base cost of the kit, crating and shipping.

Current lead time for a kit is about six weeks.  The lead time for a Quick Build kit is currently four months, with early shipment of builder portions possible.

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