CubCrafters Improves 2013 Carbon Cub SS LSA


CubCrafters is introducing changes to its Carbon Cub SS for 2013. Improvements for this Light Sport Aircraft include a new cowling design, an improved cabin heat system, a new starter and a new system voltage monitor.

Some of the details, according to the company:

• The redesigned cowling meets Part 23 cooling test standards and results in up to a 40° reduction in cylinder-head temperatures (CHTs).

• The new cabin-heat system boasts a 340% increase in airflow (CFM) and a 200% BTU increase over the previous system.

• The new SmartMonitor electrical-system voltage monitor improves safety by constantly monitoring and displaying the status of both the main bus and ignition backup battery systems.

• The new Hartzell starter is 1.7 pounds lighter than the starter used previously. It improves hot starts while drawing less current.

The 2013 plane will also offer some new options, such as a ground-adjustable propeller from WhirlWind and a GPS-equipped emergency locator transmitter. New amphibious floats from Aerocet are coming soon.

CubCrafters is accepting orders for the 2013 Carbon Cub SS. Prices start at $172,990.

For more information, visit, or call 509/248-9491.


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