Dynon Announces SkyView 3.1 with Flight Planning


Dynon Avionics has introduced Version 3.1 firmware for the SkyView Integrated Glass Panel system. This update adds a flight planning menu along with controls so that pilots can now create, then fly multileg flight plans which can include autopilot input commands.

Version 3.1 enables pilots to enter flight plans with multiple waypoints right on their SkyView display. It can also use computer-based flight planners that support the .GPX file format to create flight plans at home. In addition, SkyView flight plans can now be set up to provide turn anticipation between flight-plan legs. When so configured, SkyView starts its turn guidance in advance of a waypoint to fly a transition that will not overshoot the next leg, the company says.

Another new 3.1 feature is the ability to output complete, real-time RS-232 data from the engine sensors and other inputs that are connected to the SkyView SV-EMS-220 module.

Customers can download SkyView Version 3.1 free from the Dynon web site.

For more information, call 425/402-0433 or visit www.DynonAvionics.com.



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