Free Avionics and Open-Source Hardware Designs


MakerPlane, the open-source aviation organization, and Vx Aviation, announce the availability of a range of avionics as free and open-source hardware designs. The plans and installation instructions are available at no charge for download on the MakerPlane web site.

The Vx Aviation avionics designs include audio devices, such as tone annunciators, mixers, stereo music adapters and cellphone interfaces that work with any aircraft radio or intercom systems. Also included are annunciator lamp controllers and wiring hubs that greatly simplify avionics interconnect. MakerPlane will be offering electronic kit sets, printed circuit boards and fully assembled units based on the open-source designs.

Many people are familiar with open-source software such as Mozilla Firefox and Redhat Linux; these programs are designed, developed and maintained by a vast network of talented volunteers. MakerPlane seeks to emulate this model and apply it to aviation by adopting the same open and community-driven principles. MakerPlane is an open-source aviation company that enables people to build and fly their own safe, high-quality airplanes using digital manufacturing equipment such as CNC and 3D printers. MakerPlane also provides open-source avionics and software to enable development of state-of-the-art digital flight instruments and displays.

The files are accessible on the MakerPlane web site in the plans database called “The Hangar Workshop.” The related kits and parts are available now through the MakerPlane online store.

For more information, visit, or call 613/700-1294.


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