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Flight Data Systems Carbon Monoxide Detector

The new FDS carbon monoxide detector uses an electrochemical sensor that is reliable and precise, the company says. Among the features are ability to integrate with most EFIS units via a RS232 or switched input, LED warning/status outputs, aural alerts to don an oxygen mask at altitude, self-test monitors, remote mounting, CO detection as low as 10 PPM, calibrated to 25,000 feet, 12-28 volt compatibility, and a weight of 4.1 ounces.

The price is $299, which includes free shipping. It is available from FDS and also Aircraft Spruce & Specialty, Van’s Aircraft and other authorized dealers.

For more information, call 831/325-3131, or visit www.fdatasystems.com.

Corben Super Ace Plans Set

Ace Aircraft, Inc. announced that it is now selling reproductions of the original Corben Super Ace plans from 1935. As these plans have not been modernized for current aviation safety and certification standards, they are intended for "historical reference purposes only." The set includes 12 18×24-inch sheets, priced at $150, plus shipping and handling. Ace airplanes have a pedigree dating back to 1923 when Orland G. Corben began designing and building aircraft. He introduced the Baby Ace as the first popular homebuilt in 1929, followed by the Junior Ace a year later.

For more information, call 706/886-6341, or email [email protected].

RANS Control Lock

RANS Aircraft has developed a control lock that attaches to most models and consists of a bungee cord, two hooks, and a cap that slides over the control stick. It installs quickly, and the hooks feature adjusters that allow the pilot to set the tension for a particular aircraft. It is not hard-bolted, so if an outside force acts against a control surface, the bungee will absorb the load and still prevent the surface from hitting against the stops. The part number is KPAC0241, and the price is $15.75.

For more information, call 785/625-6346 or visit www.rans.com.

American Legend Announces Super Legend

American Legend Aircraft Company has announced the introduction of the Super Legend, an addition to the company’s popular Legend Cub two-place sport aircraft lineup. The Super Legend sports the Lycoming 233 Series lightweight engine.

Features include a Super Cub-style pressure cowling and classic Super Cub paint scheme; custom paint options are also available. In addition, the Super Legend boasts the same power-to-weight ratio as the 150-horsepower Super Cub (base weight will be around 845 pounds). The Super Legend comes equipped with Super Cub-style flaps, a 32-gallon fuel system with Left/Right/Both selector switch, and balanced tail feathers. Instrument panel choices include basic Low and Slow (LS), Cross-Country with Night VFR (XC) and the Legend Smart Cub panel (SC).

The lightweight Lycoming 233 Series engine will deliver 115 hp at 2800 rpm. It comes with a dual CDI spark ignition, 2400-hour TBO, and is multi-fuel capable, operating on 100LL and unleaded auto fuel. The prop is a Sensenich ground-adjustable unit.

Further enhancements include lightweight carbon-fiber components such as cowling, doors, interior panels, spinner and wingtip bows.

The Super Legend can be ordered now at a $139,900 introductory price. A 20% down payment is required to secure a production slot. Certification of the Lycoming 233 Series LSA engine is expected in Q3 2011. Certification flight testing and load testing of the Super Legend is planned for Q4 2011. First deliveries will follow in Q1 2012.

For more information, call 903/885-7000, or visit www.legend.aero.

To submit a press release on a homebuilt-related product, e-mail a detailed description and high-resolution photograph to [email protected]. Mailing address is KITPLANES, New Products, 203 Argonne Ave, Suite B105, Long Beach, CA 90803.


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