Vx Aviation Announces Avionics Prototyping Board, Buffer

The PROTON-225A prototyping board with PIC microcontroller may help simplify wiring and custom avionics in Experimental aircraft.

Vx Aviation has introduced its PROTONTM-225A general-purpose prototyping device, with PIC microcontroller, designed specifically for use in Experimental aircraft.

Some examples of PROTON-225A device applications include converters to adapt wiring harnesses when upgrading avionics, mounting for engine sensor bias resistors, custom audio mixers, Gillman to serial altitude encoder converters, angle of attack indicators, power supplies, annunciator lamp controllers, flap and airspeed alarms, tone generators and almost any field-designed circuit requiring secure mounting and convenient packaging.

Unlike most commercially available prototyping boards, the entire PROTON-225A fits into a standard dual DB-25 connector backshell, for a small and light package.

The device supports two DB-25 connectors, ideal for in-line wiring harness conversion or engine sensor biasing. If only one DB-25 connector is used, then light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can be mounted on the edge of the circuit board, and a transparent window mounted on the connector shell will provide a convenient display module for applications such as alarm annunciators or AOA indicators.

The board features more than 200 component-mounting holes and is prewired for the common 20-pin PIC16 or PIC18 microcontrollers. A PIC-compatible programming port is provided, along with the provisions for a regulated power supply, transistors and potentiometers.

Supporting the PROTON-225A device is the previously announced AXISTM-25A wiring hub. The AXIS device provides a convenient backplane for mounting one or more of the PROTON devices and interconnecting the various avionics signals present in modern glass-cockpit aircraft.

The PROTON-225A bare circuit board is $29, or $39 with the DB-25 connectors and packaging.

Also from Vx Aviation: A Multi-Channel RS-232C Buffer

Vx Aviation also introduced the TRX- 232A eight-channel RS-232 buffer, designed specifically for use in Experimental/Amateur-Built aircraft. Provided as a dual four-channel driver, it is easily configured into a single, eight-channel device.

The TRX-232A multi-channel buffer can improve reliability and decrease electrical interference.

Applications for the TRX-232A include buffering GPS data signals that fan out to many destinations, and the conversion of low-level signals from portable devices into true RS-232-compliant signals. Using the device to buffer RS-232 signals enhances system reliability and increases immunity from electrical interference caused by lighting systems, alternators and communications radios, the company says.

Packaged in a D-subminiature connector backshell, the TRX-232A is light and compact. Physical mounting is achieved by tie-wrapping it into an existing wiring harness or convenient hard point.

The TRX-232A is $100, or $114 with optional mating connector package. Shipping is included.

For more information, call 250/812-1836 or visit www.vx-aviation.com.


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