Free Engine? Yes – but with a catch!


MWfly sent us news of their new competition–a chance for one lucky builder to win an engine for their project. The catch? They will be competing with other builders mounting similar MWfly engines. The winning design will be chosen by a jury picked by the company, and their engine purchase cost refunded. This is an international competition, and is certainly a unique and interesting marketing idea. Ideally, it will encourage the use of the engine, and hopefully generate some new design applications.

We wish those who choose to enter the competition the best of luck!

MWfly’s 1st Competition (Win an engine!)

MWfly is looking for new applications for the B22 and B25 engines and for a new service centre. With this goal in mind, MWfly is organizing a special competition for all clients who want to install the B22 or B25 on a new application.

The main goal is to have fun and challenge yourself in a fair competition and to have the opportunity to win an engine for free. 

The competition will be about the installation of a MWfly engine.

Pre-registration is open now. Visit the MWfly website for more information about the competition and rules.


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