Garmin Introduces D2 Bravo Aviator Watch with Aviation Features


Garmin D2 FaceD2™ Bravo Combines Innovation with Advanced Worldwide In-Flight Navigation Functionality

OLATHE, Kan. /June 16, 2015/Business Wire — Garmin International Inc., introduced D2 Bravo, a next-generation aviator watch that combines practical functionality and sophisticated design to bring pilots and aviation enthusiasts a premium GPS watch. D2 Bravo incorporates Garmin’s signature direct-to and nearest airport navigation features, complete with a worldwide aviation navigation database. New and exclusive benefits such as altitude alerts including preset alerts for altitudes requiring supplemental oxygen, as well as easy access to current aviation weather information, set D2 Bravo apart from other pilot watches on the market. In addition to in-flight functionality, D2 Bravo incorporates versatile activity tracking features and multi-sport functions while supporting Smartphone connectivity. With uncompromising details such as a stainless steel bezel and domed sapphire lens, D2 Bravo combines GPS and wearable technology that Garmin is known for with a sophisticated new form factor suitable for pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike.

“Garmin revolutionized the aviator watch market with the introduction of the original D2 Pilot Watch – the first wrist-worn portable GPS navigator designed for pilots and we’re thrilled to introduce the second generation with the D2 Bravo Pilot Watch,” said Carl Wolf, vice president of aviation marketing and sales. “Whether you’re a pilot looking for a back-up navigator to supplement your flying with valuable alerts and flight plan data or you’re an aviation enthusiast interested in a practical timepiece to view valuable in-flight information, D2 Bravo encompasses a number of exclusive features tailored to those living a jetsetter lifestyle.”

D2 Bravo features a sapphire lens, complete with a protective stainless steel bezel and glass fiber reinforced housing, offering a sophisticated look that is rugged enough for everyday wear. The new omni-directional stainless steel EXO™ antenna contributes to a slimmer design and when paired with improved GPS technology, provides an even faster GPS fix and accurate position than GPS alone. D2 Bravo boasts a sunlight-readable, high-resolution color display with an LED backlight so data is easily visible in any light. Featuring a longer battery life than its predecessor, D2 Bravo can operate up to six weeks in watch mode and 20 hours in GPS mode.

Garmin D2 Watch

Innovative features within D2 Bravo go further to provide imperative alerts and beneficial weather information. When paired with a compatible smartphone, aviation routine weather reports (METARs) are displayed on the face of D2 Bravo in plain language and are color-coded to indicate visual or instrument meteorological conditions (IMC), giving pilots convenient access to the most up-to-date weather information at a glance. Valuable in pressurized cabins as a back-up cabin pressure monitor and within unpressurized aircraft as a helpful reminder to use oxygen, D2 Bravo uses the built-in altimeter to provide preset altitude alerts, which remind pilots when to use supplemental oxygen at critical altitudes where oxygen may be required. D2 Bravo provides vibrating alerts in 30-minute intervals to notify the pilot when cabin pressure is at or above 12,500 feet.

Designed with pilots in mind, a premium brown leather band gives D2 Bravo a bold stylish look suitable for an active lifestyle both inside and outside of the cockpit. D2 Bravo incorporates exclusive direct-to and nearest functions, complete with a worldwide airport database and support for up to 18 languages to meet the needs of pilots around the globe. Pilots can quickly navigate direct-to airports and create Mark on Target waypoints for easy navigation to customized locations. Similar to Garmin portables, customizable data fields display GPS ground speed, GPS track, distance, altitude, estimated time enroute, bearing, glide ratio and more.

Pilots can navigate with confidence using D2 Bravo, which offers a built-in GPS, highly accurate altimeter with an adjustable barometric setting, compass with an HSI and moving map display. Simultaneous display of date and Zulu/UTC time provides pilots with an at a glance view of important information on the analog face of D2 Bravo. Information such as speed, altitude and time enroute are recorded and stored for each flight, so pilots can easily reference recent flight information all within the watch. D2 Bravo also provides altitude alerting to notify pilots when they reach or leave a preselected altitude, helping to ensure the desired altitude is maintained in-flight. Additionally, D2 Bravo features the option to set up vibrating alerts as a reminder to perform time-sensitive operations such as switching fuel tanks while in-flight.

D2 Bravo enriches every flying experience by integrating with select Garmin products while in-flight or on the ground. D2 Bravo can remotely control VIRB® Elite and VIRB X so customers can start and stop video, view elapsed time for active video recording and capture high quality still photos – even when video recording is active.

In addition to in-flight functionality, D2 Bravo is packed with versatile training and fitness features to provide daily activity tracking information, biking, swimming, skiing data and more. In the pool or open water, D2 Bravo is rated to 100 meters and can track distance, pace, stroke count and more. When paired with HRM-Run™, D2 Bravo reports advanced running dynamics, which includes cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time to improve running economy. For everyday wear, activity tracking provides a customized step goal each morning, while calculating steps, calories and distance throughout the day. For rigorous activities a black water-resistant band is included.

Smartphone connectivity is available with D2 Bravo, allowing customers to receive email, text, weather and additional notifications, such as alerts from Garmin Pilot™. This full-featured aviation application available for iOS and Android operating systems, provides pilots with a comprehensive worldwide navigation database. D2 Bravo also supports hundreds of additional applications available through Garmin Connect.

D2 Bravo is expected to be available in July and has a suggested retail price of $699*. Also included with the purchase of D2 Bravo is a six-month free trial of Garmin Pilot. Visit for additional information.

See the D2 in action in this video:



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