Get a Tail Lift at Flyboy Accessories

Blake Frazier with the redesigned Tail Mate.

Taildragger pilots all eventually are confronted wit the need to lift their aircraft’s tail by its tiny little tail wheel to perform service. Somehow, they have to lift the whole shebang without pranging the elevator or rudder and then balance the tail wheel on a sawhorse or some other equally rickety object. What could possibly go wrong?

Enter Tail Mate, a specialized device designed to easily lift and securely hold tail dragger tails. Originally invented a few years ago, the Tail Mate never reached production. Flyboys Accessories obtained design and production rights to the Tail Mate and its President, Blake Frazier, proceeded to enhance and improve the design. Formerly, the Tail Mate utilized a winch and cable to lift a tail wheel cradle. Frazier redesigned the unit to employ a safer and easier to use lifting strap, as well as a stronger vertical lift component. Finally, Frazier made the whole unit more stable to hold a tail while at the same time making it easier to move with the tail wheel locked in place. Flyboy Accessories hopes to begin production on the Tail Mate soon.


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