GRT Avionics HXr Supplement Available


Bezel webpageGRT Avionics announced the remote interface capability of the HXr electronic flight information system with the Trig TT22 1090ES Mode S transponder and its Class 2 counterpart, the TT21. The Trig units can be remotely mounted and controlled through either one or two HXr display units, creating a clean instrument panel design by eliminating the need for a separate transponder control face.

The TSO-certified Trig TT22 transponder complies with the ADS-B Out “2020” rule when coupled with an appropriate GPS receiver. GRT EFIS systems support a variety of ADS-B receivers, such as the Radenna SkyRadar and NavWorx ADS600 series, to complete the ADS-B package.

The GRT TT21/TT22 Equipment Supplement is now available for information on installing, programming and using the Trig transponder with the HXr system. Aircraft owners may purchase the TT22 directly from GRT Avionics as part of the HXr EFIS system.

For more information, visit, or call 616/245-7700.


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