Homebuilder’s Corn Roast


Corn roasts, in case you’ve never shucked your way through an ear or two, are one of the perks of clean mid-western living. More the pity for all those urbanite coastal dwellers, but at least if they attend AirVenture they can sample the pleasure of freshly roasted corn dipped in melted butter and peppered to taste.

That’s because the Homebuilt Community Manager at AirVenture rolls out a roaster so large it’s trailered behind a pickup and set to feed the masses. Said masses normally gather at the Homebuilt Pavilion on Wednesday night, but thanks to a crack-and-boom set of thunderstorms sufficient to send pilots pulling stakes and scurrying 100 miles out of the way last night, the corn roast was moved to a lunch-time feed today.

The result, not difficult to imagine, was corn enough to service a good sized feed lot dispersed to a select group of happy campers. While there were 913 aircraft in Homebuilt Camping in 2019, just 579 were on hand today for the kernel crunch so the line was short and the action fast.

If you’ve never had the pleasure and will be in Homebuilt Parking or Camping next year we’d put it your list.


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