Homebuilt Central Debuts Online Resource


With more than 19,400 aviation products, Homebuilt Central is one of Ohios largest suppliers of avionics, pilot supplies and products for Experimental aircraft builders. And the company’s online catalog and web-based order system means you don’t have to live nearby to take advantage. A quote request form is downloadable from the site, and credit card orders can be placed through the site or printed and mailed.

I love Experimental aircraft and know the dreams of many pilots who want to build their own planes, says Kenny Barrow, Homebuilt Central president. We’ve found an ever-growing market for those people who build planes in basements, garages and hangars. Our site also allows aircraft designers, kit manufacturers and suppliers of aviation products to market their products using state of the art e-commerce systems.

According to Barrow, technical support systems are being developed by Homebuilt Central to help vendors as well as builders meet their needs, and products are added to the site on a continual basis. Visit the site at http://www.homebuiltcentral.com/ or call 888/320-7750 for more information.


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