Jeppesen To Sponsor MyGoFlight’s iPad EFB Challenge Seminars & Contests


Jeppesen and MyGoFlight announced today that Jeppesen, a part of Boeing Commercial Aviation Services, has become a sponsor of the iPad Takes Flight! EFB Challenge Edition – a seminar/contest series designed to advance the use of iPads and other tablet devices in-flight by pilots. This seminar series builds on the iPad Takes Flight! seminar series given by MYGOFLIGHT, maker of premium iPad gear for pilots, to thousands of people over the past three years.

The goal is to help all pilots make a successful transition from a paper to paperless cockpit:
• Understand the gotchas, tips and tricks for using the iPad or other tablet in-flight
• Understand the capabilities that go beyond paper chart replacement
• Get more pilots to fly with an EFB to make flying easier, safer, less stressful and more fun

“Leveraging technologies such as iPad delivers data-driven flight information to pilots through a cost-effective, dynamic platform,” said Reggie Arsenault, director, Jeppesen General Aviation Client Management. “We are excited to participate in the iPad EFB Challenge to help more pilots understand and take advantage of the wealth of information at their fingertips, while we continue to enhance our apps based on user-centered design.”

“Jeppesen is the leader in the use of information in-flight,” said Charles Schneider, CEO of MyGoFlight. “Jeppesen charts and Airway Manual contents have been accessible on tablet computers used by professional pilots for years. Their extensive experience has been brought to the iPad with Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck and Mobile FliteDeck VFR. We are excited to have them involved to help create content useful in these seminars and in training materials to be used to help pilots become iPad EFB savvy.”

The seminar and contests will help pilots make the transition from paper to paperless payoff. Session leaders will go through real-world scenarios to demonstrate what it looks like to have made the transition to a paperless cockpit in a question and answer format. Questions will explore aspects of flight planning, pre-flight and in-flight decisions pilots must make in VFR and IFR situations. Pilots can follow along on their own iPad to learn and test their own skills. Cool prizes supplied by MyGoFlight and other sponsors will be won by session attendees/contestants. In addition, pilots can compete to see who is the best-of-the-best. Performance is evaluated based upon the accuracy and efficiency in which the questions were addressed. Winners can advance to regional and eventually a national contest targeted to be held during Oshkosh, 2015.

MyGoFlight and IMC Chapters will deliver local and regional seminars and contests. Flight schools and military and commercial operators are also welcome to deliver seminars and contests. Interested operators should contact Charles Schneider on [email protected] or call 303.364.7400 x111 to discuss access to the seminar and contest materials. Information regarding upcoming seminars and progress of the EFB Contest can be followed on and on Facebook on

iPad Takes Flight! EFB Challenge Seminar & Contest will be delivered during Oshkosh 2014. Sessions are set for Monday, July 28th & Wednesday, July 30th at 1pm and Friday, August 1st at 10am. All of these sessions will be held in Forum 6. An additional session on Saturday, August 2 at 2 PM in the AOPA seminar area.

Sponsors of the EFB Challenge include AOPA, AvWeb, Bad Elf, Levil, National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI), the Society of Aviation Flight Educators (SAFE), Flying Magazine, IMC Clubs, Lightspeed, Redbird Flight Simulations, Independence Aviation, and MYGOFLIGHT. If you would like to consider becoming a sponsor, please contact Charles Schneider on [email protected] or call 303.364.7400 x111.

About MyGoFlight
MyGoFlight builds iPad gear designed for iPad use in extreme motion and conditions. MyGoFlight provides “Cockpit ReadyTM” iPad cases, mounts, flight bags and accessories that are well-made and make using the iPad in the cockpit safer, easier and more convenient. MyGoFlight’s modern flight bags are the first designed to protect the iPad and make storing and accessing gear simple. MyGoFlight products are professional, highly functional and cool. Perfect for the airplane and everyday use.

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