Jim Wright’s RV-9A


After 7-1/2 of building I finished my RV-9A in May 2011 and it was painted in 2012. It is running a Lycoming O-320 E3D 150 HP engine with an Ed Sterba 68-74 prop.

The panel is almost all TruTrak with dual EFIS screens that toggle between EMS and EFIS with a two axis autopilot plus Gemini PFD backup. Other avionics include Garmin SL-40 com radio, GTX327 Transponder, PS engineering intercom, and an IFLY 720 GPS.

All lighting is by AeroLeds. The leather interior is by Flightlines Interiors.

I have to thank Jay Pratt, Jim Vroom, Mel Asbury, Bill Coleman, Sheril Helton for all their help in making this happen. Also, my wife for her support and encouragement. I started this build with a good friend who was building his RV-9A at the same time but passed away before he could finish his dream. Nat Dayton, this is for you my friend.

Location: Harrison Arkansas

e-mail address: [email protected]





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