KITPLANES Briefs the FAA on Experimental's Capabilities

Paul Dye (left) demonstrating the RV-6’s avionics to FAA’s Division Director of Policy and Innovation Michael Romanowski.

KITPLANES Editor-in-Chief Paul Dye responded to an EAA request for a demonstration on the glass screen capabilities on today’s homebuilt aircraft. The plan was to compare the possibilities in an experimental to the EAA’s fully STC-updated C172 and an “average” jet.

Dan Elwell, FAA Acting Administrator with Paul Dye. (Photo credit: EAA)

The EAA Government liaison folks escorted the FAA’s Division Director of Policy and Innovation Michael Romanowski to the RV-6 that Dye had flown in. Dye then explained all the capabilities of the three-Garmin glass panel and it was clear that Dr. Romanowski was amazed at our options. No information on what he thought about the spam cans. 🙂


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