Lazy Thursday Afternoon


There comes a point, usually around Thursday, when the feet hurt too much and the brain has been on overload too long to continue the frenetic AirVenture pace of the previous few days. You finally acknowledge that you aren’t going to see and do EVERYTHING and it is time to be a little more selective, spending more time in less places. That time for me was Thursday afternoon.

So, I went to the wood workshop to make a miniature rib. The class started with a brief introductory lecture, which included a video showing the steps of the project. Then, we were released to put the wooden caps into the miniature jigs, cut the wooden braces to size, lightly sand, clue the gussets in place, and staple the gussets to the spars to secure them. We then left them at the workshop for the glue to set. While we were working, yesterday’s participants returned and did the final sanding to finish their project. What do you do with your creation? Examples around the classroom suggest making a photo montage or display shelf.

After the workshop, it seemed to be time to visit a couple of forums. It is easy to find a topic to interest to nearly anyone where lots of chairs and shades await. Maybe the blisters on my feet will be better tomorrow.


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