Augmenter Tubes

I read the article, “Exhaust—Expelling the Remains,” in the January 2016 issue. I found it very interesting, but did not see a word about augmenter tubes like those used on my Apache Geronimo.

-Kent Tarver

Tom Wilson responds: Ah, we meet at the intersection of Exhaust Blvd. and Cooling St. We’ll cover boom tubes in the cooling system story. But I’m glad you wrote in, as the only augmenters I was aware of are on Beech T-34 and Twin Bonanzas, plus the Grumman Goose (I think). Now I can Google Apache Geronimo and see what you’re talking about.

Greetings from Belize

I’ve read your magazine off and on over the past few years. I’m a 22-year-old crop duster pilot living in Belize, Central America. I’ve been working on an Ultra Pup kit from Preceptor Aircraft lately. A friend and I started it some years ago before I went to the USA for school and flight training. He died before I could get back home, so now to honor his memory, I’m building the airplane. Your magazine and web site have been a good resource for me, so I want to say thank you! I’d also like to know if there are any kit aircraft builders my age out there that I can possibly get in contact with.

-Hugh Wade

Thanks Hugh. It is easy for those of us in the United States to forget that there are homebuilding enthusiasts all over the world that have to work more or less alone and without easy access to parts and hands-on help. It’s a good reminder to know that there are folks like you working on projects to get them flying, and that the greater aviation community needs to help you out!—Ed.

Caveat Emptor

I was excited to note the Hexadyne P60 in the most recent issue of the KITPLANES Engine Buyer’s Guide [February 2016]. I was curious to know how development of this compact 4-stroke engine was progressing and what aircraft currently use it. It appears there aren’t any.

A visit to the web address provided shows the site hasn’t been updated since 2002. An hour spent surfing the web failed to produce evidence of a single aircraft currently flying with this engine. A few old pictures of mock-ups and the company demonstrator aircraft were located. It looks like there is little likelihood of purchasing and receiving a complete Hexadyne P60.

-Mark McKeeman

You’re right Mark—the Hexadyne is an example of a design that has been out there on the fringes for a long time. For our Buyer’s Guides, we try to list as many engines (and airframes) as we can, so that people looking for information can find at least some reference that will lead them to additional resources for research—even if we know that the design has been dormant. In some cases, this has lead to resurgence of interest and the reinvigoration of a design.

We do believe that all of our readers should do their own research on anything they are looking at to buy, and trust that they are smart enough to determine for themselves how viable the design and company might be.—Ed.


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