Lycoming and Van's Show Special on Electronic Ignition and Thunderbolt Options


Lycoming Engines and Van’s Aircraft are partnering again on a show special for Van’s customers. New this year, customers have the option to add an electronic ignition system on their Lycoming engine. In addition, Lycoming Engines and Van’s Aircraft announced a new partnership that enables Van’s customers to select performance and color options for their engines via Lycoming’s Thunderbolt product line.

“Many customers have requested performance and color options for their Lycoming Engines. We are enthusiastic about this next phase in our partnership as it provides Van’s customers with many of the options they’ve been requesting from the builder community,” said Marolous Cebulka, Director of Business Development.

Visit the Van’s booth at NE-012-013 or the Lycoming booth at D041-042 for details on these offerings.




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