Interactive Thunderbolt Engine Builder Tool Launch at Sun ’n Fun


Thunderbolt Engines are Lycoming’s brand of high performance, built-to-order power plants for Experimental aircraft. Lycoming is excited to announce an interactive “Thunderbolt Engine Builder” tool, which will enable customers to configure a Thunderbolt engine of their choice.

With Thunderbolt Engines, customers get a genuine Lycoming engine that is factory built, factory tested and factory supported – with the customer’s choice of fuel systems, ignition systems, performance enhancements and finishing options.

“We are excited about this tool, as it helps people to bring their custom Thunderbolt Lycoming engine to life,” said Jeff Schans, Thunderbolt Sale Manager. Lycoming team members will be available throughout the show to walk customers through the Thunderbolt Engine Builder process.

Lycoming representatives are talking to visitors about the Thunderbolt Engine Builder tool at booth D-041-042 at Sun ’n Fun this week.


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