Lycoming iE2 Engine Powers Lancair Piston Evolution



Lycoming Engines, an operating division of Avco Corporation, announced the first customer delivery of its Integrated Electronic Engine (iE2) on a Lancair Evolution. The new customer-built, piston-powered Evolution was showcased at Sun ‘n Fun and is now on display at the Lancair booth, MD-008A. Lancair also has a Lycoming iE2 engine on display at the show.

Lycoming’s iE2 engine is the company’s flagship technology. The engine was designed from the ground up to be electronically controlled. The Lancair iE2 configuration is designated the YTEO-540-B1A, delivering 350 hp from a twin-turbocharged and intercooled six-cylinder arrangement. An electronically controlled propeller governor tuned to maximize engine and aircraft performance is part of the package.

Michael Kraft, senior vice president and general manager at Lycoming Engines, stated, “Lycoming’s iE2 is an optimum fit for the piston Lancair Evolution kit, providing maximum performance while also reducing pilot workload. The combination of Lycoming’s iE2 engine technology with Lancair’s Evolution airframe technology makes for a very exciting piston-powered aircraft. It’s great to see this product moving out now more broadly in general aviation applications.”

Kevin Eldredge, director of business development at Lancair, said, “I am amazed with the amount of data the iE2 is continually reading and adjusting to produce ideal performance for each phase of flight. We are excited about the progress we continue to make through our partnership.”

For more information on Lancair International’s Piston Evolution or to see the Lycoming iE2 engine, visit the Lancair booth, MD-008A. For more information on Lycoming’s iE2 engine technology, visit the Lycoming booth at D39-42 or


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