Lynx Avionics Unveils Solution for Kenwood Radio Connections


Lynx Avionics, a U.K.-based company that specializes in headset/helmet/intercom/radio packages for open-cockpit aircraft, has announced an improvement to its product line designed to assist those pilots flying with Kenwood handheld VHF radios.

While Kenwood radios use mini-jack plug connectors similar to those used by other manufacturers, the spacing between the connector pins is slightly wider. Lynx products supplied for use with Kenwood radios are now fitted with new connectors that conform to the Kenwood specification. The new connectors are also angled at 90 degrees to accommodate the connector sockets on the side of Kenwood radios. Equipment that supplies power to a Kenwood radio-Lynxs Radio/Power Interface Unit, for example-is now fitted with the correct-size power jack plug and a power adapter is no longer required.

Customers who already use Lynx products with Kenwood radios can return their equipment to Lynx for a free upgrade to the new connectors. Contact Lynx directly at +44 (0) 1926 624800 or request a free upgrade through your Lynx distributor.See for distributor in your area.

[Editors Note: If you fly an open-cockpit airplane and haven’t yet tried the Lynx systems, find one soon. We spent a week flying trikes in the Arizona desert recently with a Lynx headset/helmet/intercom package providing communications between instructor and student, and the audio quality was spectacular!]

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