Kitplanes Magazine Archive

October 2020

On the cover: Chris Cram caught Glasair Aviation’s Randy Lervold at the helm of the company’s latest Sportsman iteration near Mount Baker in Washington. Table...

September 2020

On the cover: Steve Henry’s heavily modified Just Highlander, Yee Haw 7, is a top performer in the STOL Drag racing world. Photographed by...

August 2020

On the cover: Paul Dye pilots Valkyrie, his RV-8, near Hilltop Lakes, Texas. Photographed from the back seat of Danny King’s RV-8, Beautiful Doll,...

July 2020

On the cover: six kits for under $25,000. (Clockwise from upper left) Hummel H5, Van’s RV-4, Fisher Dakota Hawk, Aeromarine Merlin, Zenith CH 650...

June 2020

On the cover: John McBean, president of Kitfox Aircraft, enjoys a flight in an S7 Super Sport on a near-perfect Idaho day. Photographed by...

May 2020

On the cover: Erik Johnston photographed Ray Waton’s Murphy Bull Moose in Eastern Washington state. Its V-8 installation looks almost like a turbine! Table of...

April 2020

On the cover: Scott McDaniels pilots his RV-6A near the Van’s Aircraft factory in Oregon. Scott—who works at Van’s in the company’s prototype shop—carefully rebuilt the airplane, which he acquired after it had been damaged. Photographed by Ed Hicks near Portland, Oregon.

March 2020

On the cover: Paul Dye and Nick Otterback enjoy an early morning flight in the Arion Lightning 340. Photographed by Richard VanderMeulen near Oshkosh,...

February 2020

On the cover: Joe Flood flies Big Toot, Tommy Meyer’s Lindy Award winning, tandem biplane. Photographed near Oshkosh, Wisconsin, by Richard VanderMeulen.

January 2020

On the cover: Dave Ammenti puts his Glasair GlaStar through its paces on a perfect CAVU day. Photographed near Palo Alto, California, by Richard...

November 2019

On the cover: Paul Dye flies his SubSonex personal jet over Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada. Photographed by Richard VanderMeulen.

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