Marzulli Zenith CH-701 "Seven-Oh-Fun"



This is the Seven-Oh-Fun, N701GV. It posses the uncanny ability to be seen at almost every airport in Western Washington on a nice Summer day.

It is a giver of rides, bringer of smiles, bane of toilet paper, lover of stick and rudder flying, subjugator of rough fields, scourge of short runways, and master of grass strips.

A  four years, three months construction period culminated with a first flight on July 21, 2011.

The Seven-Oh-Fun was finally completed on July 28, 2014 when it landed on the purple dot at KOSH after an adventurous 3.5 day journey from Seattle. This also marked my rookie appearance at AirVenture.

Many thanks are due, first and foremost to my long suffering wife who encourages my aviation addiction. I am also thankful to  Zenith Aircraft,  and EAA Chapter 1440 who all helped me along the way.

The bird flies as advertised: short landings, shorter takeoffs, docile handling, and great visibility.

Customizations include a molded joystick style grip, dual gascolators, L/R/Both fuel switch, Grove landing gear, 21″ main tires, a Chris Heintz signature, Kube Kontrol flap handle, and an AM/FM radio.

At the time of this writing, the ‘Fun has over 480 flight hours logged.

Seattle, Washington
[email protected]


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