MGL iEFIS Challenger-Lite 10.4" Now Shipping


MGL iEFIS Challenger-Lite 1

The iEFIS Lite series from MGL Avionics is improving the small airplane instrument panel. For single-screen EFIS installations in Experimentals and LSAs, the iEFIS Lite offers comprehensive primary flight information, engine monitoring, fuel computing and navigation.

MGL iEFIS Challenger-Lite 3

The third and final ‘Lite’ release from MGL Avionics is the biggest one – the Challenger-Lite 10.4″ – which features a bright non-reflective 10.4″ touchscreen of around 2000+ nits. It looks, feels and operates just like a regular iEFIS, however it does not require the additional iBox and AHRS since pitot/static, GPS receiver, and attitude sensor are all built into the back of the screen. The iEFIS-Lite concept of the all-in-one EFIS is unmatched in the market. It has the same powerful G3 processor and runs the same firmware as the regular iEFIS system and has all of the same software features – just less external hardware complexity. The iEFIS-Lite has the fewest modules to install and the easiest installation in the homebuilt market.

Price: The Challenger-Lite 10.4″ starts at only $3,450, making it one of the most affordable 10.4″ EFISs on the market today. Just add RDAC for engine functions and SP-6 Compass if required.

MGL iEFIS Challenger-Lite 2


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