New Features on Ready-to-Fly 2012 RANS S-7LS


RANS Aircraft announced that it will soon fly its 2012 demonstrator S-7LS, which features refinements that provide greater range and payload, and more responsive handling, for a modest increase in price. Production orders are being accepted, with delivery times running four to six months.

Among the improvements is increased fuel capacity to 26 gallons, which will allow 5 hours of flight time. The new tanks are rotational molded, polypropylene high-impact plastic, usable with alcohol-laced fuels, and feature a flush-mount cap.A one-piece stamped rib replaces the tubular rib design for increased strength and less weight. Aero servo ailerons have a portion of the surface ahead of the hinge point, which makes the aileron lighter at the control stick because the aerodynamic forces help displace the aileron, RANS says. This type of aileron also allows the omission of spades, which means a slight reduction in drag.

Carbon-fiber parts for the boot cowl, cowling and wingtips are standard, providing a 20-pound reduction in empty weight.

The price is $87,000 for a standard-equipped S-7LS. For more information, visit


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Mary Bernard
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