New Garmin Radios Debut in Van's RV-12



Garmin’s Team-X has been quietly developing a new unit to replace their SL-40. Van’s Aircraft, Inc. has been testing the new GTR200 com radio/intercom in an RV-12 for a couple months and has been quite impressed. It has Garmin’s usual excellent user interface, a first-class intercom and a very easy-to-read display. The GTR200, when paired with an EFIS-supplied database, allows easy access to frequencies including ATIS, APRCH, TWR, CTAF and more. (Full specifications and details of the GTR200 can be found at )

Van’s has decided to make the GTR200 the standard radio in both the kit-built and factory-built RV-12. RV-12 Avionics Kit orders received after July 29 will include the GTR200 and the necessary installation hardware.

For foreign RV-12 customers requiring 8.33 kHz frequency spacing, Van’s Aircraft is now offering a GTR225 kit in combination with a new PS Engineering PM3000-RV intercom. The intercom will also be available as a kit for replacement-upgrade of an existing intercom or individual purchase through Van’s.

The PM3000-RV intercom was developed by PS engineering specifically for use in RVs. While retaining the quality sound PS Engineering is known for, internal settings were tailored for use in the RV-12. An additional stereo input was added to separate stereo warnings from SkyView with music coming from the auxiliary music jack. The package was designed to eliminate almost all noises from other devices used in the aircraft. The separate music input requires no boost when using common auxiliary music devices and is tailored to give great music response.



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