New Wicks Catalog Available


Wicks Aircraft Supply has begun distributing its 2010 catalog, and for the first time the catalog, which is nearly 30% larger, is free.

Hundreds of new products are listed in a special New Products section, the company says. A new welding section focuses on Lincoln welders and supplies, and there are numerous new items for aircraft panels. Wicks is also carrying an additional four aircraft designs for which builders can procure complete materials construction kits. These new designs include the Micro Mong, Zippy Sport, M-19 Flying Squirrel and the Pietenpol.

Further, Wicks will send out cases of its 234-page catalog to EAA chapters whose presidents submit requests indicating the quantities desired for chapter members.

A new section of the catalog addresses issues builders will want to consider before embarking on an aircraft construction project. To complement this information, Wicks has planned a wide range of builder workshops over the next 12 months dealing with welding, woodworking, aluminum and the finishing process for tube-and-fabric aircraft (check the web site for schedule updates).

Order a free Wicks Aircraft Supply catalog by emailing i[email protected]. All materials included in the catalog are also available at

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Mary Bernard
Mary Bernard - The product of two parents with Lockheed Aerospace careers, Mary grew up with aviation, prompting her to pursue pilot training as an adult. Her father, a talented tool-and-die maker and planner, instilled in her an abiding interest in how things are built. For more than a decade, she has been a contributing writer and Managing Editor for KITPLANES®.


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