Padded C-Clamps

Padded C-Clamps


Often we have both hands busy holding a part and need two more hands to position a clamp and hold the wood pads in place before tightening the clamp. This can be really frustrating if, like me, you build alone. Permanent padded clamps are what we need. I’m sure such a thing exists but where’s the fun in that?

Cut a section of black Gorilla tape big enough to cover both the frame and the screw. Cut the piece in half and place it in the clamp with the sticky sides opposite each other. Position the pieces so they hang over the edges of the frame and screw. Screw the clamp closed so it’s snug, then unscrew it about halfway. Use a box cutter to trim the tape to the edges of the frame and screw.

Now you have a padded clamp good enough to hold parts together, freeing your hands to grab another clamp and some wood pads. After the second clamp with wood pads is in place, you can unscrew the padded clamp and add a couple wood pads to it.


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