Pilot My-Cast Now on iPhone, iTouch


Garmin has announced that its Pilot My-Cast application will now be available for the iTouch and iPhone devices from Apple. Pilot My-Cast is an aviation weather, flight planning and flight filing app for U.S. and Canadian customers. A pilot may input a route, and then Pilot My-Cast overlays the flight path with the weather.

Pilot My-Cast is designed to take advantage of the iPhone/iTouch’s gesture-based user interface and includes five intuitive tabs at the bottom of the page for routes, flight plan, weather, airport information and settings. The routes tab allows the user to create a route to any airport, fix or VOR. Flight plan allows for the creation of a flight plan with a few touches, and the plan is then sent to DUAT service provider(s). Weather includes Nexrad, METARs and TAFs, SIGMETS, AIRMETs, PIREPs NOTAMs, lightning information, winds aloft and more displayed in text and graphics. Airport information accesses the AOPA Airport Directory. The settings tab allows users to customize Pilot My-Cast with aircraft- and pilot-specific information.

The Pilot My-Cast app is available from the app store for a monthly fee of $9.99, or an annual subscription of $99.99.

To order Garmin’s Pilot My-Cast or to see a list of other supported phones, click here.


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